Fancy yourself a green thumb? Think you've got what it takes to earn the admiration of a queen? 

Have I got an opportunity for you.

Britain's royal household is advertising for an "eco-gardener" to take the already impressive sustainable spread at Buckingham Palace and turn it into one of London's largest green gardens. 

Besides helping with the recycling of plant waste (99 percent of which is already managed), the new hire would also be responsible for encouraging wildlife on the grounds, including beetles, spiders, fungi and "a family of woodpeckers living in the Rose Garden."

The use of pesticides is currently kept to a minimum, but future plans call for phasing them out entirely.

All this, and the privilege of maintaining 42 acres of gardens "to the highest standards," is available to you for the salary of £15,000 per year (or just under $25,000 U.S.). Seriously. Not so much of a dream job now, is it?

If you're not deterred by the less-than-stellar pay, additional duties include managing the "straw and manure from the stables," as well as making sure all machinery is properly oiled and operating in an environmentally sound manner. (Ten quid says you'll also have to clip the grass with scissors.)

Applications close Feb. 13, so those without families and/or any desire to ever see life beyond the gates of Buckingham Palace again should get their names in quickly.

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Queen Elizabeth seeks eco-gardener
Qualified candidate will be responsible for maintaining the 42-acre garden at Buckingham Palace 'to the highest standards.' Too bad the pay is terrible.