Earlier this month, we highlighted renewed interest in the scythe, that sharpened blade of antiquity making a comeback thanks to more sustainable farming practices and a certain BBC drama. As you'll see below, it turns out the scythe, first invented in 500 BC, is not only good for keeping you in shape, but also surprisingly competitive when it's up against more modern lawn-cutting machines. 

In 2010, Simon Damant, the joint U.K. scything champion, went up against a Weedwacker at the 2010 Green Fair and South West Scythe Festival in Somerset, U.K. Wielding a giant scythe, he absolutely demolishes the grass in front him — taking out his competition in under a minute. That's him in 2010 in the video above.

In 2012, Damant did it again, this time taking on a lawn mower. As spectators screamed words of encouragement — my favorite being "Don't let technology beat you!" — the scythe master cut down his last blade with only seconds to spare. 

It's good to know that even after the collapse of civilization, we'll still be able to keep the grass short. 

And if you're interested, this year's Green Scythe Fair takes place on June 14.

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Scythe crushes Weedwacker, lawnmower in grass-cutting competition
Watch as a farming tool thousands of years old conquers modern lawn-cutting technology.