If you aren’t an expert gardener, sometimes it's difficult to chose what you’re going to plant. Seed collections are designed to help take some of that uncertainty away. They can also introduce you to some varieties of vegetables that you might never have chosen on your own.

Here are five different seed collections to get you familiar with what these collections have to offer and to get you dreaming about your garden this spring.

SimplySalad Seeds ($2.99) – If you have one square foot of growing space, these salad seed pellits can keep you in salad all spring and into early summer. Available in Mediterranean Alfresco Mix, Global Gourmet Mix and City Garden Mix, the seeds in each mix are chosen so that they mature at the same time. The first harvest occurs in about 35 days.

Container Vegetable Seed Collection ($15.95) – This seed collection from High Country Gardens is made of seeds that do well in containers and small areas. There is one packet each of Bean Bush Blue Lake, Pumpkin Jack Be Little, Tomato Cherry Gardeners Delight, Spinach Lavewa,
Lettuce Red Sails,
Lettuce Mesclun Farmers Market Blend,
Pepper Sweet California Wonder, Organic
Onion Bunching/Scallion White Lisbon.

Ferry-Morse Organic Seed Collection ($8.34) – Amazon offers this variety of organic vegetable seeds from Ferry-Morse. There is one pack each for carrots, lettuce, cucumber, radish and tomatoes in this seed collection — perfect on their own or chopped up as an addition to a green salad. It's also a great basic collection of vegetables you'll really eat.

Heirloom Tomato Seed Collection ($15.95) If you’re new to heirloom tomatoes, choosing a variety that suits you can be difficult. For those with a lot of growing room, this seed collection allows you to try eight different varieties at once: Tomato Pole Black Krim Organic, Tomato Pole Beefsteak Organic,
Tomato Pole Brandywine,
Tomato Pole Aunt Ruby’s Green Organic,
Tomato Pole Cherokee Purple Organic,
Tomato Pole Speckled Roman Organic,
Tomato Cherry Sugar Sweetie Organic.

Culinary Herb Seed Collection ($9.99) Eden Brothers offers this collection of 10 culinary herbs — one each of sweet basil seeds, Italian parsley seeds, curled parsley seeds, cilantro/coriander seeds, catnip seeds, dill bouquet seeds, chives seeds, garlic chive seeds, chervil seeds and fennel seeds. In my opinion, herbs are some of the best bang for your buck in your garden, and this collection offers many of the most commonly used herbs.

Images: Amazon.com; High Country Gardens; Eden Brothers 

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Seed collections ease garden decision making
It's time to start thinking about planting vegetables. Seed collections can take the guesswork out of deciding what to plant together.