Today, a slightly unsettling Etsy discovery to complement your doll hand soap (wash your hands with hands!) and to go in your doll head planter (full disclosure: I’m the owner of both): Seed Faces, sprout seed-filled balls of recycled paper pulp formed by doll face molds.
The creation of Kansas City-based Kelsey Elise Pike of Sunstainable&Handmade, the “natural skin tones” of Seed Faces vary as do the ages and gender. To use, simply soak them in water for about an hour, place them on top of soil either outside or an indoor pot (I think the latter is the best bet for the full effect) and within several days, the faces will have given birth to edible, organic sprouts.
As advertised, Seed Faces are “a little cute, a lot weird.” When I first spotted ‘em, I actually though they were much bigger, like the size of child-sized masks, which would have made them a heck of a lot more creepy — can you imagine the reaction you’d get with a pair of those sitting in your front planter?
Seed Faces are available at Pike’s Etsy storefront for $3 (an assortment of 10 heads) and $7 (an assortment of 25 heads). And for those looking for something a bit more, errr, traditional, Pike also offers non-doll-faced Seed Bombs and a variety of lovely handmade papers.
Via [Inhabitat]

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Seed Faces: The creepiest sprouts in town
Add a bit of distressing, doll-based flair to your indoor gardening endeavors with Seed Faces, Kelsey Pike's line of organic seed sprouting countenances made fr