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Now that you've had a moment to collect yourself, it's worth taking a closer look at Petomato, a nifty indoor micro-gardening import from Japan via Kagan Unlimited — the Chicago-based company behind SkyMall-friendly delights such as the BraBABY and the ShUVee Ultrasonic Shoe Deodorizer. A hit at last year's International Home + Housewares Show, Petomato allows space-strapped urbanites to grow fresh herbs and fruits/veggies — cherry tomato, sweet basil, and habañero pepper are the currently available three offerings, each $15 per kit — in a windowsill using simple hydroponic growing methods. And for a bit of extra eco-cred, the landfill-clogging bane of modern society known as the single-use plastic water bottle is repurposed as the "planter." 

Simply fill an old bottle with water, screw on the Petomato filter cap thingamabob, sprinkle the cap with three to five seeds, cover with (provided) sand, moisten the filter with a couple drops of water, place in a sunny spot, and in a few days the seeds will (hopefully) begin to germinate. All you need to do is pollinate and prune the plants and refresh the water when needed. It's also super easy-peasy according to the folks at Petomato — just watch the kiddos around the habañeros.

And if you're in need of further convincing from Mr. Petomato Man himself, there's even more bonkers promo videos to be had.


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Seed-filled caps turn old plastic water bottles into lush micro-gardens
If you can get past the somewhat distressing promo video, you'll enjoy Petomato's novel take on growing fresh veggies with little space and recycled materials.