Given that it's been two years to the date since I last wrangled up a few (12 to be exact) terrific terrariums, I thought I'd revisit the topic with a look at a dozen more fabulous, flora-filled glass vessels along with an array of terrarium-related loot (terrarium lunch bag anyone?).


Sure, terrarium fever has cooled off just slightly since my first post, but there's still plenty of 'em out there for the taking — both complete kits and glass containers of all shapes and sizes — with the Fern & Mossery acting as a great resource for all your lilliputian landscaping needs. And as mentioned in my first post, although terrariums are fun to buy, you can also save a few bucks and try starting from scratch by repurposing a variety of household objects — vintage apothecary jars, light bulbs, wine bottles, salt and pepper shakers, fish bowls, cookie jars, and the list goes on and on — into terrarium vessels. Have any terrarium-related tips and tidbits you'd like to share? Please, by all means do in the comments section.



Recycled Glass Bubble Wall Terrariums @ Sprout ($55 - $69)


















Geodesic Terrarium @ Restoration Hardware ($249)















Airplant Terrarium with sea urchins, sean fan, and sea shells @ PinkSerissa's Etsy shop ($35 - plants included) 











Open-Face Terrariums @ West Elm ($16 - $24 - plants not included)















Terrarium Lunch Bag by Girlscantell @ Supermarket ($16)
















Aerium Replenishment Kit @ Flora Grub Gardens ($23)















"The New Terrarium: Creating Beautiful Displays for Plants and Nature" by Tovah Martin @ ($14.90)













Trinket Box Terrarium @ Terrain ($580 - plants not included)














Teardrop Hanging Terrarium @ VivaTerra ($69 - $89 - plants not included)















New Terrain DIY Kit @ Twig ($60 - moss and vessel included)















Moss Terrarium Bottle @ UncommonGoods ($38 - moss, vessel, and tools included)














Wood and Steel Terrarium Tools @ Terrain ($40)

Matt Hickman ( @mattyhick ) writes about design, architecture and the intersection between the natural world and the built environment.

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