Flowers that bloom in the winter: Yellow crocus

Photo: Frank Gaertner/Shutterstock

For those tired of winter, celebrating the first day of spring seems like a logical move.

Sadly, seasons simply don't work like a light switch — you can't just turn one off and another one on. Depending on your latitude, it could be another month (or longer!) before daily high temperatures finally creep past a respectable 65-70 degrees.

But even if there's still snow on the ground come March 20, that doesn't mean you can't have a cheerful pop of color.

There are plenty of flowering plants that like to get a jump on things, blooming in February and March (or before), when there's no telling what the weather will do.

While many plants wilt and die in freezing temperatures, winter bloomers are often equipped with special adaptations — such as an extra thick, waxy cuticle — that protect their petals and leaves from frosty weather.

Here are a few winter wonders that will give your garden a pop of color at a surprising time of year.

Flowers that bloom in the winter: Snowdrops

Photo: fotoret/Shutterstock

Algerian irises

Flowers that bloom in the winter: Irises

Photo: Karen Faljyan/Shutterstock

Flowers that bloom in the winter: Camellia

Photo: Payless Images/Shutterstock

Jelena witch hazel

Flowers that bloom in the winter: Witch hazel

Photo: Meneerke bloem/Wikimedia

Flowers that bloom in the winter: Hellebore

Photo: a9photo/Shutterstock

Flowers that bloom in the winter: Purple crocus

Photo: Labrador Photo Video/Shutterstock

Winter jasmine
Flowers that bloom in the winter: Winter jasmine

Photo: Paul Robinson/Shutterstock

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