Have you got an organic gardener whose stocking you need to fill this Christmas? It may not be gardening time in most of the country at the moment, but once the holidays are over, many gardeners start planning for the spring.

You can help your organic gardener get a head start planning with a few thoughtful gifts tucked in his stocking this year.

  • Organic seed packets – Pick out a few packs of seeds of that you know your gardener uses each year and challenge him with one or two packets of something he’s never grown before. Seeds of Change is one website you can order seed packets from, and they also offer seed collections like the Beginners Easy to Gro
    w Collection
    or the Asian Greens Seed Collection.
  • Organic Gardening Magazine – Stick a handwritten note perhaps wrapped in a jewelry box in the stocking letting him know you’ve bought a gift subscription to Organic Gardening.
  • Garden markers – A pack or two of markers that allows the gardener to identify what is being grown is a nice addition to the stocking
  • Gardening gloves – Only if a new pair are needed. If the gardener already has a perfectly good pair, there is no need to buy unnecessary items.
  •  2009 Organic Recipes Recycled Wall Calendar – Technically, this probably won’t fit in the stocking, but it’s a good gift for the organic gardener.

You don’t need to stuff the entire stocking full of organic gardening gifts. I think that adding one or two items shows the person whose stocking you’re stuffing that you know his interests and support his efforts. 

Robin Shreeves ( @rshreeves ) focuses on food from a family perspective from her home base in New Jersey.

Stocking stuffers for organic gardeners
Show your favorite organic gardener you support his efforts with these thoughtful stocking stuffers.