From their gorgeously juicy aesthetic to their reputation as an "unkillable house plant," there's a lot to love about succulents. Some people, like Australian artist Roz Borg of Arozona Living, are even taking their obsession to a whole new level by incorporating these beauties into manicures.

While not practical for everyday wear, these "fat plant" manicures are sure to spark a conversation with anyone you meet.

Borg creates her signature succulent nail art by gluing baby succulents to blank acrylic nails with a floral adhesive. Once dry, she then attaches the succulent festooned acrylic nails to her real nails. The process takes about an hour per hand.

The best part about this offbeat nail art is that it's a gentle enough procedure that you can repot the baby succulents once the adhesive that holds them to the acrylic nail begins to wear off.

More and more, you're seeing brides and grooms opting for these fleshy-leaved plants as the main element in their wedding bouquets and reception centerpieces. So these succulent inspired manicures really shouldn't be much of a stretch, right?

If you're not so sure about affixing succulents to the tips of your fingers, you can always try a slightly more low-key option. Borg makes all kinds of jewelry using plant life, like this gorgeous ring:

Catie Leary ( @catieleary ) writes about science, travel, animals and the arts.