A very happy first day of spring, MNN readers! Although it's been spring-ish — nearly summer-ish — in many parts of the country for a while now (70 degrees and sunny in Brooklyn yesterday!), the end of winter isn't quite official until you step outside to attract some friendly avian company to your backyard or patio. Below, you'll find eight eye-catching bird abodes and seed dispensaries — most are handmade and/or made from eco-friendly materials — that will surely lure the little fellas to your outdoor space while also scoring you some serious design cred. 


For even more bird feeder and house options, check out past installments of "The Seedy Underbelly" from 20092010, and 2011. You'll also find a few more options on this post from my "All decked out" series in 2010. Going the bird buffet route? Audubon has plenty of pointers on what seeds to select (different birds have different tastes, after all) along with a few homemade bird snack suggestions. It's also worth spending a moment to read-up on bird feeder/house placement tips so that your feathered friends can feast away without living in perpetual fear that they'll encounter Sylvester the Cat or another rogue member of Birds Anonymous.


Lunchbox Bird Feeder by Perch! @ aHa! Modern Living ($49)















Green Roof Birdhouse @ Terrain ($68)
















Pip Pip Bird Feeder by SMD Design @ Scandinavian Grace ($130)















J Schatz Egg Bird Feeder @ J Schatz ($165 - pictured in Goldenrod Yellow)














Loll Designs Pitch Birdhouse @ Design Public ($75)















Jonathan Adler Lantern Bird House @ Jonathan Adler ($128) 















Popoutz Bird Seed/Mealworm Feeders @ aHa! Modern Living ($3.50)













Drip Drop Bird Houses @ UncommonGoods ($95)










Matt Hickman ( @mattyhick ) writes about design, architecture and the intersection between the natural world and the built environment.

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