Planet Green held a tomato haiku contest, and I was going to enter. I really meant to enter. Now I’m really bummed that I didn’t enter because I would have won. How do I know I would have won? Everyone who entered won. Why did everyone win? Planet Green explains:

Here at Planet Green we take the slightly controversial opinion that when it comes to tomato haiku contests, there are only winners. That's why if you entered our inaugural tomato haiku contest you're a winner and featured here (leave a comment if we left you out, it wasn't intentional!) While we wanted to share all 73 of these (mostly) great haikus, we did take the time to break them into categories: General Tomato Admiration, Tomato Confusion, Tomato Blight, Disease, Destruction, Tomato Varieties, Practical Tomato Applications, Tomato Anxiety — who knew so many of you out there had tomato anxiety? — and Meta Tomato Haikus about Tomato Haikus.
Winners got their poems featured on Planet Green, and a few of the entries that they liked the most were read out loud and turned into an audio file.

If you appreciate the perfection that is an in-season tomato, you might relate to many of the three-line haikus on their site. I was surprised that there were so many poems dedicated to fried green tomatoes. Maybe this is the year I actually need to try to make them.

Here are a few that struck my fancy.


ugly heirloom tomato

but beautiful taste
—E. Kay-Oliphant
left by the chipmunk

a half-eaten tomato-
salad on the deck

—C. Hicks
Angel hair pasta

Extra virgin olive oil

Basil, tomato

—J. Beever
Squishy succulence
Juice droplet drawn at knife point

Heralding summer

—A. Lewis 


Robin Shreeves ( @rshreeves ) focuses on food from a family perspective from her home base in New Jersey.

Tomato haiku
Planet Green announces the winners their tomato haiku recipe contest. Yes, tomato haiku.