What do urban gardening, subway riding, and local live music have in common? If you guessed good green fun, you’re right — but you get bonus points if you guessed Rock ‘N Crawl, an all-day event that got Angelenos taking the Metro Red Line from Universal City to downtown L.A. — stopping at nine stations to put in sustainable urban landscaping while listening to local bands perform.

That event was put together last April by Los Angeles Guerrilla Gardening, a collective of urban gardeners who take over sad-looking urban spots in public areas and put in drought-resistant greenery, with or without permission of the land owner. Now, almost a year later, a video of the event’s been released!

Watch it to see happy-looking Angelenos get on and off the subway holding succulents, nine different local bands performing plaintively or energetically or both, smiling dancers goofing off on the streets, prettified and greened urban corners, and a lot more good stuff that makes both gardening and subway-riding look like a lot of fun.

No news as of yet whether a second annual Rock ‘N Crawl is planned for 2011, but Los Angeles Guerrilla Gardening is having a public Seed Bomb Workshop next week in conjunction with a pop-up art exhibition of the late artist and photographer Dan Eldon‘s work. The event happens Tue., March 15 at 7 p.m. at Space 15 Twenty, 1520 N. Cahuenga Blvd., Los Angeles. Suggested donation? A packet of seeds.
Urban gardening meets rock 'n' roll
Green-thumbed Angelenos enjoyed a day of urban gardening by taking a subway ride - stopping at nine stations to plant gardens and enjoy live music.