Hermine Ricketts and Tom Carroll have been growing vegetables in their front-yard garden for the past 17 years. They estimate that around 80 percent of their food comes from the small plot in front of their Miami Shores home. Their home garden saved them money and provided them with lots of delicious, healthy food. It was a great example of hyper-local food production and a good model for others to follow.

Unfortunately, the city of Miami Shores didn't agree. In May, the city passed a new law that bans citizens from growing vegetables in front of their houses. Flowers are fine, as are fruits and plastic pink flamingos. But vegetables are now “inconsistent with the city’s aesthetic character” and can earn non-compliant gardeners a $50/day fine.

The couple isn’t happy with being forced to rip out the garden and are suing the town for $1 and the right to grow veggies again. They are being helped out in their legal quest by the Institute for Justice, a libertarian nonprofit that put together this short video describing the situation.

I wish this couple the best of luck. This is a stupid law that deserves to be tossed into the legislative compost bin.

Via NBC Miami

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Veggie-farming couple sues Miami Shores for the right to grow a garden again
It's OK to sprout fruit, flowers and pink plastic flamingos on your lawn in Miami Shores, Fla. But vegetables? That'll earn you a $50/day fine.