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17 plants that could kill you

By: Bryan Nelson on April 6, 2017, 10:59 a.m.
Stinging tree

Photo: Cgoodwin/Wikimedia Commons

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Stinging tree

Found in forests in Queensland in Australia and Indonesia, Dendrocnide moroides is the deadliest and most potent stinging nettle in the world. Accidentally brushing past any part of this plant or its stinging relatives can deliver a potent toxin that will cause a painful stinging sensation lasting for days or even months.

A severe sting from this plant will cause a severe allergic reaction in pigs, horses, dogs and many other animals, but there's not as much evidence that it has killed humans. (One researcher documented her time working with Dendrocnide excelsa, which is considered a less dangerous plant, and her increasingly allergic reaction to the plant offers a sense of what's possible.)