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Welcome to The Herbfarm

By: Smarter Living on April 9, 2010, 1:58 p.m.
Leeks are planted in the cooler months, when they will be sweeter

Photo: Gregory Luke Smith

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Organic practices

The Herbfarm’s 5 acres aren’t certified organic since they don’t sell any of their crops commercially, but the farm does operate according to organic standards, using techniques like crop rotation. “Diseases build up when you start growing a crop in the same place year after year,” Vingelen explains, “and the insects will always know that the crop will be there to feast on.”

Planting crops on a different patch of land each season helps Vingelen maintain a healthy harvest, even in colder weather, without chemicals. “I’d rather lose a crop than spray a chemical,” he says.

The farm adheres to another smart technique: planting crops in the season in which they perform best, such as leeks (left) which get sweeter as the temperature drops.