Project Steps

Choose the plants and containers for your space

Pick containers that can handle the size of the plants you're considering. You can contrast large containers and plants with small ones for a stunning effect. Just make sure that the containers you choose have drainage holes. Annual plants and bulbs are popular choices for containers. Get ideas from this site, check plant tags or ask your local garden center for ideas.


Fill your containers with high-quality potting soils, such as Organic Choice® Potting Mix. Make sure you only fill to about three inches from the top. Dig out space for one plant at a time.


Once the plants are in, gently water until you see water coming out of the drainage hole.




Arrange Them

Now it's time to move your containers and create your look. Mix large containers with small ones, in groupings. Try hanging containers, pot stands, and railing boxes for added interest.


Light Bulb

Water at least once a day at the base of the plant. Water twice a day during extremely hot or dry weather.


Light Bulb

Feed every other week with Organic Choice® All Purpose Plant Food.



Create a Container Garden
No yard? Container gardening lets you liven up your outdoor space. Here's how.