Pumpkin, squash, root vegetables, apples and pears make for great cuisine that the whole family can enjoy - and you can roast them, stew them, can them or bake them. For a new take on old favorites, try adding rutabaga slices to your au gratin potato recipe or pop some cubed squash in your family’s favorite beef stew.

Whether you’ve grown your own produce or picked it up at the market,  Miracle-Gro provides fresh new recipes and tips on fall gardening at miracle-gro.com/GroYourOwn. Sample some of these delicious recipes while incorporating fall plants and produce into your menu and learn which fall crops are best to grow in your area of the country.

Enjoying the fall garden’s bountiful harvest
A modern take on comfort foods uses what is fresh and available during the season, but also explores new ingredients and stretches your imagination to look at o