As winter weather puts many plants into hibernation, it's nice to bring natural touches indoors for the holidays. Greenery, branches, pine cones, holly and other items from your yard and garden can be incorporated into seasonal decor for effects that range from rustic to sophisticated. You can also create special holiday-themed planters that make a cheerful statement outside your front door. Here are a few ideas for nature-based holiday decor.

Evergreens and Topiaries Brighten Outdoor Spaces

Greet guests with accent plants that will liven up your front garden, walkway, porch or stoop. Many evergreen plants can make it through cold winter temperatures, making them ideal for holiday decorating. Add lights and ornaments to make them look like miniature christmas trees. When spring comes around, you can simply transplant them into your yard with Miracle-Gro garden soil.

Topiaries and wreaths offer an opportunity to get creative. Purchase forms at your local home improvement or craft store, or make your own from chicken wire or foam. Then, simply cover them in evergreen branches, twigs, holly berries and other accents.

Indoor Holiday Accents Add Color, Texture and Scent

Go scavenging in your own backyard for interesting natural items like pine cones, birch branches, acorns and evergreen boughs that can be incorporated into your indoor holiday decor. These items are a reminder of the bounty of nature, result in no unnecessary waste, and best of all, they're free.

Place pinecones in a bowl as a table centerpiece, or spray paint them the color of your choice. Acorns can be made into little ornaments, or hot-glued onto wreaths. Bind boughs of fir, pine and other evergreen trees into garlands with florist wire and tape. Cinnamon sticks and citrus fruits will add to the holiday atmosphere with color and enticing aromas.

While nuts are a popular holiday snack, they're also beautiful when strung into garlands. As long as you don't glue or paint them, they also offer a nice bonus when the holidays are over: you can place them outside to feed hungry wildlife like birds and squirrels. 

Festive Plants Bring Holiday Cheer, Indoors and Out
Decorate both the interior and exterior of your home with live plants and accents from the garden, like evergreens and acorns, for a festive holiday atmosphere.