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There Are Some Great Options for Growing Vegetables the Organic Way

Growing organic vegetables is a great way to put nutritious, delicious food on your table. The best part about it is that you control what goes into your garden, so you can feel good about what you'll get out of it. These days it's easy to find what you need to grow your organic garden. The materials you're looking for are probably available at your local garden center.

What Is Organic Gardening?

Generally speaking, the word "organic" means that it has carbon in its structure somewhere. When the term is used for gardening, it usually means that the soil, plant food, and other components come from things that are or were once alive.

How to Prepare Your Organic Garden.

You can amend the soil in your yard with organic components to set the stage for a spectacular organic vegetable garden. Organic soil, such as Organic Choice® Garden Soil, can be mixed in with your yard soil. You can also improve your soil with products such as Organic Choice® Blood Meal and Bone Meal.

Choosing Plants

A wide range of vegetables is available to you when you choose to go organic. If you want to buy seedlings in flats, find out whether they were grown organically. If you're not sure, grow your vegetables from seed. It's easy, and you can feel sure about your vegetables that way. One way to get a start on the season is to plant your seeds indoors in flats or paper cups, and move them out when the weather warms up.

Organic Vegetable Gardens
Learn what organic gardening is, and how to build your own from the ground up.