To prevent kids from getting bored over the summer, teach them some fun garden games. Take your family out to your garden or a park with a list of items to find, like one blue object, two soft and fuzzy plants, three flowers that smell pretty or four objects that are round. This incorporates shape, smell, touch and counting all into one fun activity. Taking photos or drawing pictures together is a great way to document each finding. Hang them up or create a collage on the fridge.

To encourage birds to visit your backyard, build some bird feeders from recyclable materials like soda bottles and milk cartons. Fill the feeders with different kinds of foods such as dried fruit, an ear of corn or a high-quality birdseed mix.

A fun project for your older kids is to have them create seed balls they can plant in your yard and around your neighborhood, as well as give as gifts to friends and family members for them to plant. Watch the video for more ways to make your kids outdoor time interesting, educational and fun.