Springtime is the best time of year to start a new garden, whether you’re creating a peaceful oasis in your backyard, giving your home a facelift or growing your own personal farmer’s market.

First, decide where your garden will be and select the types of plants you want to grow. Keep in mind that all plants needs some amount of sun, and that most flowers and vegetables need a good six hours of sunlight a day.   

Next, prepare your area by removing dead leaves, sticks, rocks and existing weeds. To prevent new weeds from growing, be sure to pull existing weeds from the roots. This will give your plants less competitive for sunlight, nutrients and moisture.

Get your ground ready for planting by mixing organic gardening soil in with the existing dirt. Check the soil’s moisture level by simply squeezing a handful. If it crumbles easily, you can start planting. Dig about eight inches deep for most flowers, fruits and vegetables. Be sure to follow directions on your seed packets or plant containers, too. They’ll advise on the planting depth, proper location and full height and width of your plants. Remember to water thoroughly and feed your garden with organic plant food. Watch this step-by-step demonstration video to help you get started. 

Getting a New Garden Started
Springtime is the best time of year to start a new garden.