Is there anything cooler than the gift of life? As we're getting ready for spring, it's definitely time to start thinking about lovely seasonally-appropriate gifts. Whether you have gardeners, plant-loving friends, neighbors you want to be friendly with, or anyone else in your life who might appreciate it, these gifts are easy to make and fun to receive: the customized note adds a handmade with love feel, and you won't have to spend hours laboring over a hot crafting table to get it done!

1. Seed tapeSeed tape

Seed tape is both cute and totally practical. As anyone who's tried to plant tiny seeds, keep them spaced properly, and keep them away from birds knows, it's tough business. A seed tape allows you to space them properly and it will hold them in place as they germinate — the tape itself will dissolve into the soil as the plants grow, leaving nothing behind but some soil-enriching carbon.

You can make seed tapes for yourself, of course, or you can give them out to friends in lovely little parcels.

2. Valentine packetsValentine envelope

Will you be my Valentine? These lovely seed packets spread cheerfulness and joy, and you can pass them out to your Valentine or the community in general.

To surprise friends and neighbors, slip them under the door or prop them up on the porch where they'll be sure to be seen! They are one of many green gifts ideas for Valentine's Day.

3. Grow your own vegetable kits

Different holiday, but a great idea: everyone should have a grow your own pumpkin kit! You can totally make different kits for different fruits and veggies to pass out at holidays, keep around as presents for guests, and more. Just fill a packet with seeds, label it and Printable packetsinclude instructions for growing.

4. Printable packets

If designing things isn't your forte, or your handwriting is atrocious, these free printable seed packets are definitely for you. You can use them to store your own seeds, or you can hand out presents in them -- either way, you'll look totally classy!

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