Well, if you thought the backyard chicken fad topped out with that $100,000 chicken coop by Neiman Marcus, then you were wrong (and so was I!). Apparently touring other people's chicken coops is what all the cool kids are doing these days. And far be it from me to judge. If you are backyard-chicken-curious then this might be the very thing for you to taken your food into your own hands. So I support it!

Here are some of the best tours I found on the Web. Enjoy!

Funky Chicken Coop Tour in Austin, Texas

Help keep Austin weird by checking out some of the best chicken coops the city has to offer. It happens yearly, and here is a video to watch until the next one starts.

Bay Area Bike and Chicken Tour

For the Annual Alameda Backyard Chicken Tour, people are encouraged to bring their bicycles and cycle from coop to coop. Come along and enjoy an afternoon filled with fun, feathers and information about raising backyard chickens. The city of Alameda is home to 350 backyard chickens so it could be fun!

Farm to School Chicken Tour in Davis, Calif.

The mission of Davis Farm to School is to create an educational and cultural environment in schools that connects food choices with personal health, community, farms, and land. Oh, plus you get to ride around and see chickens.

Mad City Chickens

Don't worry, they don't have Mad Cow Chicken Disease. These chickens are just from Madison, Wisc., and they offer both classes and tours.

Chicken in Madison, WisconsinDenver Annual Chicken Coop Tour

This tour stops at 23 different locations throughout the Denver area and along with chickens, you'll also find goats and bees. They even support a chicken swap where you can buy and sell (or swap) chickens.

Seattle's Chicken and Urban Farm Tour

Seattle has been putting on this tour for more than a decade where they have been encouraging the urban farming movement. Since then, the event has expanded in both topic and turf to include urban and suburban sites, as well as a wide variety of animals and agricultural practices. Tour participants get face time with chickens, ducks, mini dairy goats, honey bees and more.

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6 of the best chicken coop tours in the U.S.
Apparently touring other people's chicken coops is what all the cool kids are doing these days.