Check out the interactive below to see what your governor is eating for the holiday and for a state-by-state look at the best local menus using the most sustainable ingredients.


This July 4th, let's declare our food independence by sourcing the ingredients for our holiday meals as locally, sustainably and deliciously as possible. We have asked our elected officials to do the same -- requesting a menu from each first family from every state. Food Independence Day is being coordinated by the nonprofit group Kitchen Gardeners International and the Mother Nature Network.

Here’s what you can do:

• Contact your state’s first family and ask them to share their July 4th menu with us. (They can e-mail it to

• Learn more at Food Independence Day.

Recipes courtesy of Want to print them out? Click here for a page with individual links to each recipe.

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First families celebrate July 4th with local food (and you can, too)
Working with our partner Kitchen Gardeners International, we asked first families and farmers what they would serve at a locally grown feast for Independence Da