Sending flowers to loved ones is, in one important way, an inherently Earth-friendly action: it brings the recipient closer to nature. But not all flower companies are created eco-equal — most spray their crops with heavy loads of pesticides. The nasty chemicals probably won't end up in your digestive system — though carnations and chrysanthemums are tasty — but they will end up polluting soil and water.


Why not turn over a new rose petal this year? As you head into the madness that is Thanksgiving and holiday season, buy organic for the flower people on your list. Lucky for you, Organic Bouquet and The Nature Conservancy have just teamed up so that now you can send flora in perfectly good conscience. Hop to it — become a Nature Conservancy e-member (takes about two seconds of your time), and Organic Bouquet will give you a 15 percent discount on any flowers you order before November 30 (just follow the discount link that will be included on your Nature Conservancy nature page). Additionally, 10 percent of your purchase will go to The Nature Conservancy.


So, if you're hosting the family's Thanksgiving feast, or want to provide flowers for whoever got stuck with the job, take a peek at these gorgeous, rust-toned pieces: Autumn Wreath, Fall Royal Lilies, Majestic Sunset Roses. Organic Bouquet orders come in biodegradable, corn-based flower sleeves, and you can choose to send yours in a 100 percent recycled glass vase. Order by phone (877.899.2468), or online.


This article originally appeared in Plenty in November 2007. The story was added to in November 2009.


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Fresh, organic flowers for the holidays
Buy organic bouquets or wreaths for your Thanksgiving table and other holiday events.