It's spring, which means it's time to start sowing your seeds. To help you remember which seeds you planted where, stick a garden marker beside each batch. Here are 10 creative DIY markers to help keep your garden organized and to understand which seeds are winners in your space.

1. DIY Mason jar lid garden markers

A garden marker made using Mason jar lidsMason jars are useful for so many things, and now their lids can help you organize your garden. (Photo:

Organize your garden by label your plants with these colorful markers. Print out laser jet labels (ink jet will run when wet), stick to a Mason jar lid, then seal with outdoor Mod Podge. has all the details.

2. Paint stirrer garden markers

Painted paint stirrers as garden markersThese paint stirrer markers add an additional burst of color to your garden. (Photo: Living Well, Spending Less)

Add pops of color to your garden with these inexpensive markers. Simply paint those free paint stirrers you get from a local hardware store. Once dry, write the name of your plant on it. Get the how-to at Living Well, Spending Less.

3. Clothespin markers

Clothespin garden markerThe combination of a stick from your yard and the clothespin make this an inexpensive but cute garden marker idea. (Photo: Chatfield Court)

Here's a simple idea that is also extremely inexpensive. Paint clothespins with leftover house paint. When dry, write the name of your plant on it. Find a stick in the backyard, attach the clothespin to it, then stick it in the ground. See the full instructions at Chatfield Court.

4. Aluminum tape markers

Aluminum tape garden markersRaid your junk drawer to make these stylish and unique garden markers. (Photo: Aunt Peaches)

This project takes things uses things you have in your garage and junk drawer. Make a tag using a plastic knife and aluminum tape. Then write the names of your veggies and herbs onto the tape backwards. What you get is some inexpensive, yet stylish markers. Aunt Peaches has the complete instructions.

5. Brick markers

Brick garden markersDidn't use all the bricks after re-doing your patio? Use the leftovers for garden markers. (Photo: Simple

Recycle old bricks that you have laying around in your backyard from a previous project and transform them into sophisticated garden markers. Use stencils and a marker to write the names of your plants. Then place your bricks throughout your garden. For the complete how-to, visit Simple

6. Clay markers

Clay garden markersYou'll need some letter stamps to make the most out of these subtle and chic little garden markers. (Photo: Wit and Whistle)

Add a chic touch to your herb pots with these clay markers. Use polymer clay (oven-baked clay), a rolling pin and rubber letter stamps to make these. Wit and Whistle provides more directions.

7. Rock markers

Garden markers painted to look like vegetablesThese painted rocks are a whimsical way to keep your garden orderly. (Photo: West Valley Moms Blog)

Next time you're on a nature hike or at the beach, pick up a bunch of nice rocks. When you get home, paint them to look like your veggies. For the full instructions, head over to West Valley Moms Blog.

8. Laminated markers

Laminated signs for garden markersNeed a visual representation of your plants to go with your marker? Here's the solution! (Photo: Adas Interior Design)

This project is perfect for all you budding photographers. Take photos of all of the flowers in your garden. Then print out the photos, then laminate them. Once done, clip them onto a coffee stirrer with a clothespin. Adas Interior Design has complete how-to.

9. Cork markers

Wine cork garden markersMake use of all those popped wine corks in your garden. (Photo: One Hundred Dollars a Month)

For some reason everyone collects wine corks after you pop open your vino. Here's a project where you can finally use them. Write the names of your plants on the corks, stick a skewer through it and then place it into the ground. Read the complete directions at One Hundred Dollars a Month.

10. Silverware markers

Silverware garden markersNow you'll always know what you're eating with these utensils turned garden markers. (Photo: Creative Green Living)

Here's a kitschy project that's sure to get you excited about eating from your garden. You'll need silverware, a steep metal stamp kit, wooden block and a permanent marker. Basically, you hammer in the metal stamps into the forks and spoons. Creative Green Living has the complete run-down.

How to make crafty garden markers
These crafty garden markers will help you organize your plants and also make it look cute.