Crusty bread dipped in olive oil sure makes for a tasty snack — but it’s better if you know where that oil comes from. Large-scale olive production can cause soil erosion and is often chemical intensive. Enter Nudo: The artisanal olive grove in Le Marche, Italy, uses no pesticides and will soon be certified organic. The farm also allows customers to adopt an olive tree for a year. About $130 gets you two liters of oil in the autumn, three flavored oils in the spring, plus an adoption certificate and booklet with information about your tree. “We want to move away from mass-produced, untraceable produce to very traceable produce,” says co-owner Jason Gibbs. Added bonus: The farm welcomes customers to visit their trees at any time, providing a built-in vacation destination.

Story by Nicole Scarmeas. This article originally appeared in Plenty in August 2008.

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