They raised Marcus from birth, spending six months lovingly tending the little lamb. But that didn’t stop a group of young schoolchildren in Britain from voting to send Marcus, whom they hand-fed as part of an educational program about breeding and rearing animals, to slaughter. And it seems they did it all for the pigs.

The 14-member council, made up of students aged 6-11, decided to have Marcus culled so they could use the money to buy pigs. The decision came after a public campaign arose to keep Marcus alive, with animal rights activists, parents and many of the 250 schoolchildren involved in the program seeking alternatives to slaughter.

A talk show host even offered to buy the lamb and give it sanctuary, but the council – apparently fonder of tasty lamb chops than of “Lamb Chop’s Play Along” - still insisted upon slaughter. Animal rights organizations have decried the culling and human rights advocates pushed counseling for those children that were against the decision.

Now, amid the resulting public furor, Lydd primary school officials say the program may have to be stopped altogether, though they defend the children’s decision.

"The children have had a range of opportunities to discuss this issue, both in terms of the food cycle and the ethical aspect... It is important for everyone to move on from this issue, so the children can focus on their education."

Kids vote to send Marcus the lamb to slaughter
Group of UK students send Marcus the lamb to slaughter over objections by parents and animal rights activists.