“The 'Citizen Kane' of bee documentaries."

That’s how one reviewer at Ain’t It Cool News described “More Than Honey,” a globe-spanning documentary on the crisis in honeybee populations. Meanwhile Eric Kohn over at Indiewire described it as  an“effective melding of science and aesthetic delights.”

Made on a budget of 2 million euros (about $2.6 million) by Oscar-nominated director Markus Imhoof, the movie features "Microcosmos"-like microphotography of bees in flight and in their hives including a chilling depiction of a hive infected by mites that the movie synopsis compares to a discarded scene from David Cronenburg’s “The Fly.” (Imhoof directed "The Boat Is Full," which was nominated for the Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film.)

With beekeepers worldwide continuing to experience devastating losses from colony collapse disorder, Imhoof’s documentary takes a much-needed global perspective — not just on the causes of the crisis, but its devastating impacts, and possible solutions too.

From visiting with Chinese agricultural workers now charged with hand-pollinating crops because of a lack of bees, through an aerial tour of the vast expanses of California almond orchards that receive truck loads of bee hives from around the country, the trailer for “More Than Honey” promises an almost Orwellian overview of the current state of affairs.

Whether it encourages more people to plant forage, garden without pesticides or buy organic; or bolsters calls for adopting a similar precautionary ban on neonicotinoid pesticides like Europe has just implemented, this film should continue to fuel the public outcry at the state of our honeybees and the debate as to what should be done about it.

“More Than Honey” launches on June 10 in the United States and there is a DVD release planned for later in the year. Check the film’s website for information on showings in your area. 

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'More Than Honey': A film to fuel the fight to save bees
Markus Imhoof's new documentary balances microphotography with compelling storytelling. The film will debut on June 10.