In an effort to escape the hustle and bustle of his urban life, photographer Jake Stangel contacted Worldwide Opportunities on Organic Farms. WWOOF, as it's more commonly known, links volunteers with organic farmers to "promote an educational exchange, and build a global community conscious of ecological farming practices." WWOOF connected Stangel with a couple who operate an organic farm in Central Florida, where he spent two weeks learning how to work with his hands and till some land.

"I had this desire to leave the urban environment, to ditch the computer and the phone" says Stangel, who lives in Portland, Ore. "I got to work a handful of other people — to use my hands and power tools — on this beautiful farm in the middle of nowhere."

He may have left the computer at home, but he brought his camera with him, and he documented his work with remarkable imagery. What follows is a selection from Jake Stangel's "Florida Farming."

Adjacent road to the farm, foggy morning.

Hens and rooster.

Neighbors- Erica and Kalai.

Storage barn.

Erica picks tangerines.



Dead sheep

Alexis (a sheep) dies suddenly in the pasture of worms.

Rusted woven fence, to be brought to the scrap center

Rusted woven fence, to be brought to the scrap center.

Cupcake and Megan dig a hole together

Cupcake and Megan dig a hole together.

Anne, 4 days old, next to her mom

Anne, 4 days old, next to her mom.

Tacoma climbs the tangerine tree

Tacoma climbs the tangerine tree.

Chicken coop, early morning

Chicken coop, early morning.

Farm tools

Farm tools.

Steam off the pond

Steam off the pond.

Leon leading his sheep.

A version of this story originally appeared on GOOD. It is reprinted here with permission.

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