Farmer D shows you how to pick herbs, using basil as an example. He also explains how picking their leaves prepares herbs for planting. (Meredith Darlington/MNN and Nick Scoll/MNN)

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Farmer D: With the basil, there’s a node here where it splits and two new little plants grow. With most herbs, that’s where you want to pick. So for example, right here, between there, right here, between there, right here, between there, right here. Ease away the flowers, it helps the plants bush out rather than get tall and leggy. It's good to do this right before you plant because it’s going to push the energy down more into the roots and then to hang on and grow all these leaves. 

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Daron Joffe is not your typical farmer. Joffe is a 30-something eco-entrepreneur with more than a dozen projects around the nation. Actress Jennifer Garner thinks his turnips “rock” and billionaire entrepreneur Sir Richard Branson wants him to develop an organic farm at his exclusive New Jersey spa. Known as Farmer D, Joffe also creates Farmer D Organic Compost out of green waste from Whole Foods stores in the southeast U.S. In addition to innovative internship programs that help at-risk youth learn about agriculture, Joffe is involved in creating and sustaining small organic farms in developments around the U.S. Want to know more? Watch all the In the Field videos with Joffe on MNN.

In the Field: Herb picking tips
Video: Using basil as an example, Farmer D shows you how to pick herbs.