Can these New Yorkers correctly identify which item is organic and which is ganic? Check back every Tuesday for a new episode of "On the Streets." (Jonathan Kesselman)


Jonathan Kesselman: And so now what we’re gonna be doing is I have two different food stuffs here.
>> Uh, huh.
Kesselman:  One is ganic and one is organic. So the question is, organic or ganic?
>> Okay.
Kesselman:  Are you ready?
>> Yeah.
Kesselman:  Okay. Do you know the difference between organic food and ganic food? You know what, I’m gonna run the clip for people. I’m gonna run the clip.
[video clip - music]
So now you understand organic versus ganic? And we’re doing a taste test.
>> Okay.
Kesselman: Eat, please. Do you want to go ahead and bite in?
>> It’s good.
Kesselman:  No go ahead, keep, trust me. I have a hard time. I mean, I’m not as, what do you think? You want to try another bite? It seems like that one is the one, or maybe not.
>> This is strong.
Kesselman:  Strong? Strong in a, like a pesticide, fair trade, kind of free-range kind of way, or? What we have here are two habaňero peppers. It is probably one of the hottest peppers on the planet. Like on a scale of one to ten, it’s like Dante’s Inferno.
>> Okay.
Kesselman: No, you have to taste it.
>> [indistinct]
Kesselman: Okay, now, don’t make any decision until you see both foodstuffs, okay?
>> All right.
Kesselman:  Here.
>> It’s a little sweeter.
Kesselman: Sweeter?
>> Yeah.
>> I think so.
Kesselman: Now the seeds also help too.
>> The seeds [indistinct]
Kesselman: Oh, it is. Seeds are the bad part? It would help to know the difference. You don’t want to try it? Okay. In Austria, is there a pepper that’s hotter than this?
>> No.
Kesselman: Hello, how are you?
>> Do you expect me to eat?
>> I’m gonna go organic, ganic.
Kesselman: Now what led you to this conclusion?
>> Because it’s a big, big, big fish head.
Kesselman: This is what is called tripe.
>> Uh, huh.
Kesselman: Good. Touch it, get in there, it’s fine. This is fresh, or maybe not.
>> I can’t [indistinct]
Kesselman:  Do you want to take a bite or no?
>> I’m trying.
Kesselman:  Okay, go ahead.
>> Is that all right?
Kesselman:  Yeah, absolutely.
>> It’s a sponge. That’s ganic.
Kesselman: See? This isn’t too hard.



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