Although monthly planning has pretty much gone virtual (anything paperless is fine by me), there’s nothing quite like a beautifully designed yearly calendar hung in a kitchen or placed on a desk.


Below are 10 eco-minded yearly calendars of all shapes and sizes to help you keep organized in 2010. Some are made from eco-friendly materials like recycled content paper while others support Mother Nature-approved causes. For aesthetic reasons, I’ve gone ahead and left out the requisite Garfield and football team-cheerleaders-in-bikinis wall calendars however green they may be. Now get plannin’…


United Bamboo 2010 Calendar @ United Bamboo ($25)

















SusyJack* 2010 Desk Calendar @ SusyJack* ($18.50)















Calendreco Perpetual Wall Calender @ Calendreco ($59.99)















Daisy Janie 2010 Calender @ Etsy ($25)
















Muji Recycled Paper Kraft Calender (Large) @ Muji ($9.75)















Delphine 2010 Letterpress Calendar with Easel @ Delphine ($38)











Night Owl Paper Goods 2010 Critter Calendar @ Night Owl Paper Goods ($24)










Claudia Pearson Illustration 2010 Calendar @ Supermarket ($24)












Hammypie Tall and Long // Animal Crackers Eco 2010 Wall Calendar @ Etsy ($18)











Botanical Paperworks 2010 Eco Tin Calendar @ Botanical Paperworks ($24.95)


Matt Hickman ( @mattyhick ) writes about design, architecture and the intersection between the natural world and the built environment.

10 great, green calendars for '10
Observe 365 days of stylish sustainability with these 10 2010 eco-calendars ideal for any home office, kitchen or wherever you see fit to put 'em.