Stepping inside of PSFK’s The Future of Home Living pop-up exhibition in Manhattan, I couldn’t help feel that I was, well, I was coming home.

Although the thoughtfully staged and curated 5,000-square-foot mock apartment set-up featured a bevy of products and services — both conceptual and on-the-market — that were new to me (WiFi-enabled doorbells! Milk jugs with built-in sensors! Foldable kayaks!), a hefty chunk of the items showcased, both physically present and rendered via clever illustration, were a familiar sight as they’ve been previously featured here on MNN over the years.

And, yes, a couple of items that can be found in my own apartment.

Backing up a bit, the interactive Future of Home Living exhibition — open to the public for free through Aug. 16 on the corner of 6th Ave. and 15th St. — was conceived by Piers Fawkes’ trend-spotting think-tank par excellence, PSFK, as a showcase of “tomorrow’s ideas and innovations in modern urban living.” The whole shebang actually stems from a 75-page report of the same name that “describes how design and connected technology are driving adaptive living and on-demand lifestyle, and making hoe a place of person equilibrium.”

In curating the Future of Home Living exhibition, the PSFK team did a fantastic job of touching down on all three core themes of the report — “Adaptive,” “On-Demand,” and Equilibrium”— in a non-overwhelming showcase that was, predictably, heavy on space-saving modular furniture (I loved the Folditure chairs and tables and the Cubista Ottoman from the micro-apartment specialists at Resource Furniture); smart everything (mirrors, planters, security systems, light bulbs, you name it); and products and services promoting a more health-conscious lifestyle (WiFi-connected scales and forks that vibrates when it detects overeating, anyone?). A couple of items were extremely topical such as the Snaidero Greenhood, an odor-eliminating, air quality-monitoring range hood that’s a shoo-in for those disturbed by the recent New York Times article on pollution-generating kitchens.

If you can’t make it the Future of Home Living exhibition, you can take a virtual tour or sorts at the exhibition website and learn more about the 60-plus products and services on display. Some you can even click through to buy, if you're so inclined.

Below you’ll find a list of products that have been previously featured here on MNN for a better taste of what else the not-so-distant future of smart urban living holds in store as according to the folks at PSFK ...

• Nest Learning Thermostat

Bitponics Hydroponic Gardening System

Window Socket plug/charger

Soma Filtering Carafe


ANDREA Air Filter

Philips Hue LED bulb

Belkin WeMo home automation products

Urbio modular shelving system

Canary Air Sensor

PSFK's Future of Home Living Experience @ 101W15

555 6th Ave., New York, NY

Open noon - 7 pm, Tues - Sat.

Through Aug. 16

Free to public; pre-registration here

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