For what website WebEcoist (and sister site, WebUrbanist) lacks in hard-hitting investigative journalism, it makes up for in easy-to-swallow lists and cool photos about "sustainable living, green design and environmental oddities." With recent listicles covering 15 Bizarre Built-from-Bamboo Products and 15 Vertically Vegetated Buildings, WebEcoist is light on reading but big on concepts.

A new post, 21 Great Green Ideas for a (Post)Modern Home, is definitely worth checking out for an overview of leftfield green design concepts for the home. Two kinda-weird personal favorites of mine, recycled branded tag pillows and a living moss bath mat, both make appearances. While some items on the WebEcoist list have made the rounds around the green blogosphere and have even been featured on this here blog, go ahead and take a gander.

Is there anything memorable that was omitted? A number 22, 23, 24 …?

A few unusual green home design/architectural concepts that I've featured in recent months are solar powered birdhouses, a biodegradable garden stool embedded with mushrooms, an oil rig hotel, decorative flags made from recycled audiocassette tape, and an elegant cardboard box table

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Photo via Yanko Design

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WebEcoist, the undisputed champ of online green listicles, presents 21 Great Green Designs For a (Post)Modern Home.