Have you ever encountered a piece of furniture that "speaks" to you? Well, here’s a new line of home furnishings from a company called Plydea that boasts a quartet of “Matt Hickman-approved” qualities:
Each of Plydea's thoughtfully designed individual pieces — “Plydeas” — are affordable (prices range from $350 for a handsome chair to $30 for a waste basket), sustainable (each zero-VOC product is made from FSC-certified solid Baltic birch plywood) made in Seattle (my home turf), and perhaps most importantly, easy to assemble (no tools or fasteners required … those who know me understand why this is a biggie).
There are six "Plydeas" in the entire Plydea line: The Rinaldo Chair, the Blue 7 Chair, the Arabica Table, the WasteNot Basket, and for kids there’s the Tuffet Stool and FirstDesk. As you can see, each piece is elegantly unfussy, a reflection of Plydea’s core values: function, form, sustainability and affordability.
Some more info on the sustainability front: in addition to being crafted in Plydea’s Georgetown, Seattle, warehouse/studio from eco-friendly materials, each piece is packed flat in 100 percent FSC-cardboard cartons, reducing shipping-related carbon emissions and saving the recipient a few bucks of shipping costs. Plydea also maintains a paper-free office, only using it for printed assembly instructions (even then it’s printed on 100 percent post-consumer recycled paper). Additionally, “Plydeoites” are encouraged to work from home and commute by bike when traveling into Plydea HQ.
Says Chas Fisher, president of Plydea, in a press release: 
What’s revolutionary about Plydea is our synthesis of design, utility, sustainability and affordability. It’s this convergence of those four concepts that really drives us and makes us thrive. Plydea takes the ‘form follows function’ maxim to its logical conclusion with the assertion that transparent function necessarily creates pleasing form – in fact, function is form.
Head on over to the fun, easy-to-navigate Plydea website to take a closer look at the entire line (I’m an insta-fan of the Rinaldo Chair ... that's it pictured above) and to learn more about the company’s design philosophy

Matt Hickman ( @mattyhick ) writes about design, architecture and the intersection between the natural world and the built environment.

A bright Plydea
Plydea's simple but beautiful plywood home furnishings are easy on the wallet, made in Seattle from sustainable materials and — most important to this helple