Hands down, one of my favorite leftfield furniture designs to emerge this past year was the Blofield Couch, an inflatable couch that marries the classic good looks of a Chesterfield sofa with the lightweight versatility of an, umm, air mattress. The Blofield is an intriguing concept with eco-potential but there’s one hitch: it is made from PVC and nylon.

Are you like me and dig the concept of blow-up, high-end modern furniture but would rather not go the PVC route? Check out the Blow Sofa from Polish design house Malafor.

Recently unveiled at IMM Cologne 2010, the Blow Sofa, like the Blofield Couch, is easily transportable and inflatable with one big difference ... it is constructed from dunnage bags, not PVC. Commonly used to protect freight cargo, dunnage bags are inflatable, recyclable “pillows” made from recycled scrap wood. In addition to the dunnage bags, the Blow Sofa also incorporates rubber straps, a metal rack, and, last but not least, air.

While certainly not for everyone, I’m always on the lookout for eco-friendly furnishings that can also come in handy while on-the-go. The Blow Sofa certainly fits the bill. What do you think? Too air mattress-y or a feasible secondary seating arrangement? 

Via [Design Boom]
Images: Malafor

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A green sofa that really blows
Time to break out the foot pump ... The Blow Sofa is a simple yet elegant seating solution made from inflatable scrap wood "pillows."