I was lucky enough to make it to BKLYN DESIGNS, but otherwise my timing has been a bit off this very busy month when it comes to major design and green building shows. I'm currently in Los Angeles, missing the granddaddy of 'em all, ICFF, back in NYC; while not in LA I missed the AltBuild Expo and I'll be missing Dwell on Design. Shucks.

I'll be be on the hunt the next couple of weeks for the grooviest and greeniest goodies from these shows that I couldn't visit in person. If you happened to attend any of these and spot something particularly noteworthy, do drop a line and share. To kick off my informal "stuff from shows that I missed" series, here's a rather unlikely highlight from the AltBuild Expo: an Airstream Trailer for those looking to go truly off the grid. 

As part of the Livingreen (a California mini-chain of green home stores) booth at the expo, designer Jim Cooley (in cahoots with American Clay Earth Plasters) showed off his tricked-up eco-renovated Airstream trailer. It's pretty retro neat-o and includes the following green features: 

• Interiors covered with all-natural American Clay plasters

• Bamboo counters and cabinetry 

• Cork flooring

• LED lighting

• Organic cotton fabrics and linens

• The use of repurposed materials from other build jobs

• Future installation of solar panels

Cooley's green Airstream is a bit of a one-off novelty, sure, but it is further proof that an old un-green dog can learn new eco-tricks. If you're curious about green mobile living that's actually available to consumers, check out the recently priced Clayton's iHouse

Via [Jetson Green]

Images: Dubroworks

Matt Hickman ( @mattyhick ) writes about design, architecture and the intersection between the natural world and the built environment.

A greener Airstream
Take a peek at a gutted and then greened Airstream trailer that made its debut at last week's AltBuild Expo in Santa Monica.