I don’t want to step on Ellen DeGeneres’ toes — she gifted Michelle Obama with a dog house that’s a replica of the White House back in September — but since I've recommended eco-bedding for the Presidential Pooch, it’s only natural that I suggest a proper retreat for the incoming labradoodle (or Portuguese water dog).

Stephanie Rubin of LA-based Sustainable Pet Design and her prefab palace for the "Summa Canum" get my vote. It's a A DC-inspired (check out those columns!) take on her line of Greenrrroof Animal Homes. Like the rest of Rubin’s low-carbon paw print homes, her design for the Obama dog features a green roof (with native-to-DC vegetation, natch), zero-VOC paints and finishes, and beeswax waterproofing. The special touch? It’s constructed from reclaimed wood with a distinct lineage: It comes from aromatic cedar trees felled during a tornado on the grounds of Andrew Jackson’s plantation, the Hermitage, in the 1990s. Jackson himself was a somewhat green fella, as he was the first president to commission a greenhouse on the White House grounds.

Rubin’s non-executive Greenrrroof Animal Homes are just as stunning. They’re custom-built (prices range from $1,000 to $3,000 for the standard Dog Barn, pictured) from rot-resistant red cedar and recycled woods. If you live in California, Oregon or Washington, you can order the home to be pre-planted with native outdoor plants. Otherwise, you’ll have the honor of doing the planting yourself; drainage material, filter fabric and a soil mix are included with unplanted homes. Indoor succulent roofs are also available.

And if you really want to spoil your pooch rotten, check out the line of Couture Greenrrroof Animal homes, including a super-mod Frank Lloyd Wright-esque showstopper. Banishment to the doghouse has never been so stylish, not to mention sustainable.

Matt Hickman ( @mattyhick ) writes about design, architecture and the intersection between the natural world and the built environment.