In line with today’s earlier post on a stool constructed from used chopsticks and steamer baskets, I’m pleased to announce that 15 finalists have been announced in Inhabitat’s Spring Greening design content.

The folks at Inhabitat received over 100 entries from crafty readers who worked DIY design magic using reclaimed and recycled materials. I’m always impressed with the responses that design competitions like this generate. I guess it’s pure envy speaking, but I don’t understand how someone can spend a couple of hours tinkering around and come up with a lamp made of plungers or a vase made from egg crates. When I try to put an IKEA bookshelf together, I end up crying and/or throwing things. Creating something beautiful, functional, and completely original out of found objects? Forget about it.

I’m glad Inhabitat lets me participate by voting for my favorite designs since I’m obviously not capable of entering the contest myself. Below are my top five picks out of the final 15. What designs will you be voting for?

The content ends this Friday, April 10th at midnight so head on over to Inhabitat to admire the talent on display and, of course, vote. The winner gets a $200 gift certificate for the Inhabitat Shop

Book Book Shelf by Richard Jennions 

Egg Crate Lamp by Federico Otero

Egg Crate Vase by Fanny Chen

Phone Book Coffee Table by Rodrigo Jaroseski

Toilet Plunger Lamp by Michael Andrulewich



Matt Hickman ( @mattyhick ) writes about design, architecture and the intersection between the natural world and the built environment.

A little healthy green competition
Fifteen finalists have been announced for Inhabitat's Spring Greening Contest — check 'em out and vote for your favorite design.