Today, more proof that smart design and a willingness to experiment/squeeze in and make do with less (in the this case, sensible shoes also help) can transform even the most impossibly cramped urban spaces into somewhere habitable, special. And while this tiny apartment renovation in Paris carried out by Agence SML may not be everyone's proverbial cup of tea,  I'm rather smitten ... it's like the world's coolest bunk bed being built in an elevator shaft.

I do wonder, however, how and if Alban Diner, the resident stair-dweller of "maison-stairwell," entertains in his somewhat dizzying 269-square-foot bachelor pad. I feel like he'd need visitors to sign safety waivers. And considering all the ascending and descending involved with living in this cleverly designed space, I'm guessing trips down to the toilet are as premeditated as they can be.

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