Earlier today, I blogged about a sprawling solar-powered estate in Tennessee that the owner, none other than award-winning songstress and TP conservationist Sheryl Crow, is attempting to sell via online auction. For something completely different, I thought I’d follow up by taking a look at a similarly hot property, this one in Tokyo, with considerably less square footage: about 30 squaremeters (or 323 square feet) versus the more than 10,000 square-feet of Crow’s country palace.

The ultra-compact, $500,000 home in question (which is not for sale through auction or otherwise) belongs to 39-year-old bachelor Fuyuhito Moriya and is built on a pizza-shaped piece of land the size of a single parking spot. Did I mention that Moriya shares the tiny but ingeniously designed space with his elderly mother?

Moriya tells CNN:

Size is not that important. More important for me is the atmosphere, the surroundings and the neighborhood. You reside in the building, but I'm focused on living in a particular area and environment. So the size of my home isn't as important as that.
The Japanese micro home trend or kyosho jutaku is nothing new particularly in super-expensive Tokyo where those who would rather not rent a medium-sized apartment often take drastic measures. I can’t say I’ve ever seen anything quite as compact and puzzle-like as Moriya’s downsized dwelling. Tour it for yourself — claustrophobics and those who have nightmares about sharing a space with aged parents, beware — in the full video here.

Via [CNN]

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A remarkable micro home, mom included
Dreading your parents' holiday visit when they cramp your style and stay in a spare room for a few nights? Don't complain to Fuyuhito Moriya, a Tokyo bachelor w