Last month, I dedicated several posts to topics on how to make your home more eco- and pet-friendly. I covered everything from recycled content cat scratch posts to organic cotton dog beds to biodegradable kitty litter — a fair amount of ground, but for pet owners/lovers there’s never enough.

Pet-related news has been a bit harrowing as of late, so here’s a pleasant distraction for your Tuesday afternoon: The Houndstooth Dogtent, a collapsible and super cool canine A-frame tent from designer John Santos at NYC-based graphic design studio Common Space in collaboration with Matt Penrose.

The Houndstooth Dogtent — designed as a “primitive luxury good” for a design/build camping trip sponsored by men’s vintage wool clothing label Freemans Sporting Club — is made from biodegradable plastic. It's a godsend for campers who want to take their best friends along with them on expeditions into the great outdoors but are hesitant to share a tent or leave Fido tied up or crated during the night. And if your pooch spends a lot of time in the backyard, the Dogtent is a stylish alternative to run-of-the-mill doghouses. 

Construction of the Dogtent is a cinch (or at least it appears to be): Assemble the individual plastic pieces to form a houndstooth patterned tent cover and then drape it over bamboo pole frame. 

For visual learners, check out the below step-by-step assembly guide starring a very handsome boxer.

On a semi-related note, if you live in or plan on visiting NYC, be sure to stop by Freemans, the restaurant that inspired the F.S.C. clothing label. The innovative-rustic menu focuses on wild game, sustainable seafood and produce from local producers. The cocktails aren't too shabby either. 

Via [Dwell]

Photos: Common Space

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A return to the doghouse
Take your mind off of "human real estate" for a moment to admire the Houndstooth Dogtent from designer John Santos.