Without fail, every time that I blog about garden sheds and backyard “accessory dwellings,” I’m filled with an overwhelming sense of envy. Why? Because I live a backyard-less existence, cramped and four-flights up in the middle of Brooklyn. The Plant Room “clip-on” shed concept for apartment buildings does fill me with a bit of hope, although it’s not exactly a viable option for me at the moment — I’m not looking to give my landlord a stroke in the near future. 

The Plant Room, conceived by a Wellington, New Zealand-based design team and entered into that country’s Sustainable Habitat Challenge, is a “prefabricated room that bolts-on to a variety of existing apartment types, improving the quality of living, reducing energy and water use, and generally making the building more sustainable.”


The Plant Room team goes on to explain:

A Plant Room provides hot water for one occupant and a healthy growing space for herbs, fruit and vegetables all year round. It also offers a worm farm, a rainwater tank, an outdoor space and an enclosed room. 
It shades the apartment to avoid summer overheating and collects hot air to circulate warmth in the winter. It is designed to improve the quality of apartment living while reducing the energy and water use of its occupants. It could also be a suitable solution to office retro-fits.  
Pretty nifty, huh? Take a gander at the Plant Room website for more renderings of and info about this remarkable sky-high gardening concept. There's even a Plant Room coloring contest for the artistically inclined. 

Via [TreeHugger]

Matt Hickman ( @mattyhick ) writes about design, architecture and the intersection between the natural world and the built environment.

A sky-high garden shed
New Zealand's Plant Room is a prefabricated 'clip-on' garden shed/greenhouse designed for high-rise apartment buildings and condos.