This might come as a shock, but the World Cup isn’t the only fierce international competition going on right now. It’s day five of the first-ever Solar Decathlon Europe taking place in Madrid's Villa Solar, and things in the Spanish capital are heating up as 17 collegiate teams from Europe, China and the U.S. duke it out in 10 contests to see who can design and build the most attractive, livable and energy-efficient solar-powered home.

Last week, I shared video presentations from the teams hailing from France, Finland, China, the U.K. and the U.S. Today, here’s a look at videos from the remaining teams from two countries with an intimidating presence at SD Europe: Germany, the winner of the 2009 Solar Decathlon in Washington, D.C., and host country, Spain.

At the conclusion of the SD Europe, I’ll post about the winning houses/teams, but if you want to keep tabs on the standings until then, check out the SD Europe homepage for online live scoring (looks like Virginia Tech is kickin’ some butt so far) as well as fresh photo galleries and a complete calendar of events. The DOE’s SD Europe blog is also worth a look for the latest developments in Madrid.

Germany: Fachhochschule für Technik und Wirtschaft Berlin — living EQUIA

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A solar showdown in Spain: Round 2
As the competition intensifies at Madrid's Solar Decathlon Europe, be sure to check out the formidable contenders representing Germany and Spain.