Happy Friday everyone and happy Hanukkah!

In a roundup of eye-catching, eco-friendly holiday décor items for around the house that I published on Monday, I featured a nifty recycled motherboard LED Menorah that retails for 25 bucks. Totally cool but what if you don’t have an extra $25 but do have a bunch of empty glass bottles sitting in the recycling bin and a can of white spray paint? ReadyMade has an idea…

Creating ReadyMade’s DIY Glass Bottle Menorah is a cinch and I imagine that one would add an instant touch of modern elegance to a mantle or tabletop. Reminiscent of designer Harry Allen’s playful line for Areaware — ReadyMade calls it a “mini art installation” — this definitely isn’t your Aunt Pearl in New Rochelle’s menorah.

So here’s what to do:

  1. Collect eight clear glass bottles and a single glass bottle that’s slightly taller than the others. Readymade uses Lorina Lemonade bottles … I’m thinking eight normal wine bottles and one magnum-sized wine bottle (holiday party leftovers!) might also do the trick.
  1. Remove the labels from the bottles by soaking them in warm water.
  1. Dry the bottles and then cover them completely with white spray paint. Don’t overdo it or the paint will crack and peel.
  1. After the spray paint has dried, arrange the candles with the tallest one in the center. Place taper candles into the bottle openings and light! 
Via [LA Times]

Photo: ReadyMade

Matt Hickman ( @mattyhick ) writes about design, architecture and the intersection between the natural world and the built environment.

A stylish make-your-own-menorah
Celebrate the festival of low-impact lights by crafting a DIY menorah with nine glass bottles, white spray paint, and, of course, candles.