Here’s a space-saving storage accessory that cleverly combines two things that you’ll often find gracing the entryway wall of any (self-consciously) well-appointed city apartment: a stylish bike rack and faux taxidermy.

The creation of U.K.-based Outlineworks, Trophy Bicycle Holders were designed specifically to provide a solution to some of modern life’s more vexing quandaries: “Tired of your house looking like a bike garage? Fighting past bikes in your hallway and living room? Haven’t found a bike holder you like the look of?”

Elaborates the Trophy Bicycle Holder website:

We designed the Trophy Bicycle Holders because most bike holders on the market look and feel very industrial. Fine for your garage, not so much for your hallway or living room. We wanted to design and make something that you would like on your wall even without a bike on it!
Crafted in the U.K. from solid steel and coated with a soft-touch colored plastic that won’t scratch your cherished two-wheeled ride, the Trophy Bicycle Holder is available in two “iconic silhouettes”: Bull and Deer (sorry folks, no exotic wild game animals available as of yet). Bull is available in Blood Red and Jersey Yellow while the slightly more abstract Deer is available in Pure Black and Sharp White. Each is capable of holding a single bike weighing up to 20 kg (about 40 lbs) and comes complete with fixings for indoor (masonry and brick) walls. Dimensions and other particulars can be found here.

The best part is that when your bike eventually hits the dust and you feel the need to memorialize it, you can replace the Trophy Bicycle Holder with a piece of wall-mounted Bicycle Taxidermy to keep the theme going. Or, mount the two side by side for full-on Adirondack hunting lodge meets Chuck's Bike-O-Rama effect.

Trophy Bicycle Holders are available at the Outlineworks online shop for £79.00 (about $129).

Via [Design Milk] via [TreeHugger]

Matt Hickman ( @mattyhick ) writes about design, architecture and the intersection between the natural world and the built environment.

A taxidermy-themed storage solution that's minus the fur, plus the fixie
Trophy Bicycle Holders offer a smart, space-saving storage solution in the form of two 'iconic silhouettes.'