Are you a grown man or woman who longs to proudly display your childhood toys at home without giving visitors the heebee-jeebies? Here's an idea ... 
Similar to one of my favorite love-but-can’t-afford home design objects, the War Bowl by Dominic Wilcox for Thorsten Van Elten, Irish designer Ryan McElhinney’s Westminster Chiming Grandfather Clock wrings out childhood nostalgia in an audacious act of creative reuse and sustainable design.

Hiding beneath the Westminster Chiming Grandfather Clock — a one-of-a-kind-item designed for a private client in Dubai — is an actual, functioning grandfather clock standing over 7 feet tall. But it’s difficult to tell considering McElhinney has plastered the entire thing with discarded plastic toys that have been bonded together and coated with a high gloss polyurethane white paint. The clock chimes every 15 minutes.

Says MCelhinney of his work:

Each piece is one of a kind and made to my clients requirements. This allows me to place toys that my clients may have played with in their childhood and tell a story. Clients often tell me that even a year after receiving their sculpture they discover new toys that they had missed or press a button and find toys that light up and make noise.

Quite amazing. I’d love to own a household object — maybe a picture frame or a footstool — constructed from all of my old Ghostbusters, He-Man, and Star Wars action figures. Or maybe something made from all of the McDonald’s Happy Meal toys I amassed over the years. Should have saved ‘em. 


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Photos: Ryan McElhinney

Matt Hickman ( @mattyhick ) writes about design, architecture and the intersection between the natural world and the built environment.

A tick-tocking recycled toy tower
The Westminster Chiming Grandfather Clock is an epic work of eco-design for adults who want to continue to play with their toys ... in a socially acceptable man