We all need a little pat on the back — a self-reward for making eco-friendly strides at home — sometimes, right? Maybe you swapped out your last incandescent bulb for a CFL; maybe you started your first backyard compost pile; maybe you sacrificed a few hours over the holidays to install chimney balloons and water heater blankets

Whatever good green thing or things you've done, or plan on doing, (and no, taking out the recycling does not count) there’s nothing wrong with commemorating a good green deed as long as it’s not, umm, self-destructive. Perhaps, instead of rewarding yourself, you’d prefer to acknowledge someone else’s accomplishment?

Well, I’ve found an ideal memento that screams “good for me!” (or you!) while doubling as a delightfully versatile, eco-friendly interior décor object: the Trophy Vase.

Available at the always amazing Branch Home, the foot-tall, glazed earthenware Trophy Vase from Yellow Owl Workshop is handmade by artisans in Portland, Oregon, with special clay that requires 30 percent less energy to cure. And the energy that is used to power the electric kiln is powered by wind energy. And it’s made with a nontoxic glaze. The Trophy Vase isn’t some empty, meaningless doodad. There’s a green story behind it and, well, it’s a vase and a trophy.

Stuff the Trophy Vase with your favorite fair trade flowers or perhaps a bunch of recycled newspaper roses (helllooo Valentine's Day!). Or just leave it empty … it’s quite stunning as is.  

The Trophy Vase @ Branch Home ($58)

Matt Hickman ( @mattyhick ) writes about design, architecture and the intersection between the natural world and the built environment.

And the Trophy Vase goes to ...
With awards season around the corner, it's not too early to reward yourself, or someone else, with an eco-friendly Trophy Vase for household green do-goodery.