Please, hold your “green” house jokes for a moment to take a look at a beautiful and efficient home in Asheville, N.C., that’s built from hemp. Yes'm, you read that right: hemp.


The 3,400 square-foot home was built using Hemcrete, an inexpensive and sustainable building material that’s composed of lime, water, and hemp, one of the world’s most maligned environmentally friendly crops thanks to its close cousin, marijuana.


The proud homeowner? No, Tommy Chong has not relocated to Asheville. Designed by Anthony Brenner of Push Design, “Hemp House” actually belongs to Russ Martin, a former Asheville mayor, and his wife Karon Korp. Naturally, the couple have an excellent sense of humor about their new digs. Korp tells CNN in the below video: “We heard that we could have a really great neighborhood party if it ever caught on fire.”


In addition to Hemcrete, which aside from being affordable offers excellent insulation and air-purifying properties, the home features walls and doors made from recycled paper and other eco-friendly bells and whistles. From watching the below video, you'll see that the interior decor scheme that Martin and Korp went with does decidedly not match the spirit of their preferred building material ... there's not a blacklight poster, hanging spider plant, or crumpled up Cheetos bag in sight. 



Video screen grab via CNN

Matt Hickman ( @mattyhick ) writes about design, architecture and the intersection between the natural world and the built environment.

Asheville's hippie-less hemp house
A home built using Hemcrete, an inexpensive, hemp-based eco-building material is completed in Asheville, N.C. CNN is on the scene but does not inhale.